Welcome to the Virtual Lighting Design Community

A social unit with commonalities that share a sense of place situated in a virtual space.

The comprises three main groups of people: Thought Leaders, Supporters, and Members. 

Thought Leaders are people who present ideas and thoughts to the community so as to stimulate a discussion.

Supporters are people with common experiences or interests who provide the community with various types of help and financial support. Their primary goal is to promote the development of the community through pooling resources. Supporters may also work to inform the general public or engage in advocacy.

Members are the heart of the community and include all who learn, work and play within the community and the lighting industry.

A global virtual network that empowers, inspires and educates the lighting design community. Always better together!

With today’s challenges in mind, is a new generation of community togetherness for the lighting design profession and lighting industry where we hope to shape the lighting profession for years to come. An online community bringing all our peers together: lighting designers, experts, academics and individuals from a variety of backgrounds. A place where we can exchange views on a variety of issues, share our knowledge and insights and informed debates on emerging topics. is a virtual platform that will facilitate new ways of thinking and connecting innovative ideas that address global lighting issues.

FAQ is an online platform of educational videos and interactive sessions enabling the lighting community to share knowledge. The platform provides access to insightful, relevant and valuable content developed by the best thought leaders in the lighting industry. A 'Pro' membership subscription enables the platform to run professionally and financially compensates all thought leaders for their valuable time and contribution.

The exciting new ‘Lite’ membership option is FREE and a perfect introduction to begin exploring what the VLD Community has to offer. The Library Resource is at your disposal and we encourage you to post, comment, start conversations and engage with fellow VLD members.

At any time, upgrade to a ‘Pro’ paid membership to consume any of the high-quality video content put out by our industry thought leaders (Season Episodes).

Should circumstances change, switch back to ‘Lite’ when not in a position to make full use of the tools or if you‘re not actively using the platform.

Pro Membership:
The 'Pro' Membership is a paid subscription —US$4.99/month or US$49.99/year— for those wishing to access and support the insightful, relevant and valuable content developed by the best thought leaders in the lighting industry (recorded video content in the season episodes).

Members are provided with a personal account, which can be used to instantly sign-in and access the platform anywhere anytime with their personal computers, smartphones or tablets. membership is flexible. As there are no lock-in contracts or cancellation fees, members can easily start or stop their online membership anytime.

Membership benefits include access to useful information in the form of industry-specific educational videos as seasons comprising series of episodes on set topics that culminate into an open discussion forum. Members can participate in these online discussion forums, and interact with the best thought leaders in the industry.

Interested candidates with potential ideas for future episodes may write to: [email protected]

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